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Passive Interactive Advertising

Introducing Page Peel, the newest, most effective way to passively engage visitors to your website

Interactive advertising is proving to be one of the most effective marketing techniques since unsolicited email. Based on user decision rather than ad opportunity, Passive Interactive Ads that use Page Peel technology engage visitors to websites without forcefully imposing advertising through popups or CSS layering.

Though popups and CSS layering used to be successful advertising methods, they became near obsolete as browser developers (such as Microsoft, Apple and Mozilla) began implementing popup and layering blocking ability.

Unlike popups and CSS layering, Page Peel Ads are interactive Flash scripts which require user action (a mouse over or pointer rollover) and most importantly, Page Peel Ads are compatible cross browser and cross platform producing phenomenal ROI.

With complete custom design and setup starting from only $349.00 per year, Page Peel modules are a must for any website looking to passively engage their visitors. Page Peel Ads are cost effective marketing solutions that generate maximum return on investment.

What's the next step in getting a Page Peel Ad on my website?
We invite you to fill out a Quote Request or to contact us by phone at 727.674.5681 at which time we will discuss this unique opportunity for your website and provide you with an estimate for the Page Peel Ad implementation on your website.

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Active & Passive Interactive Advertising FAQ's

What is Active Advertising/Marketing?
Active advertising and/or marketing involves activities performed by a company to pursue potential customers by taking action to move themselves closer to their customers. Active campaigns include soliciting, mailings, newsletters, phone calls etc.

What is Passive Advertising/Marketing?
Passive Advertising/Marketing involves action on behalf of prospective customers responding to ads posted by a company offering products or services. Passive advertising/marketing is tremendously powerful as potential customers take the first step in the interaction between themselves and the product/service of interest.

Acme is a worldwide leader in Interactive Passive Marketing through the use of proven internet marketing solutions such as Page Peel Modules which significantly increase website lead generation for any size business.

Our custom designed Page Peel components are at the forefront of a worldwide buzz involving true interactive advertising made possible by recent technological advances of web browser technology.

Proficiency with the world's fastest growing form of interactive marketing is at the root of our successful relationships. Acme works remotely with discerning clients that focus on increased sales and/or a steady revenue stream resulting from Page Peel components designed and implemented by our internet marketing savvy web producers.

Call Us Today and let us customize a marketing package for your website. The Acme Hotline is open from 8:00am to 8:00pm EST, Monday-Friday. Call 727.674.5681 and get answers to your questions in plain English.

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