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Wear a Verse is exactly what it sounds like and more. From award winning creative designs to cost effective bulk production, the Wear a Verse clothing line is headed by Daniel St.Pierre, an established Christian ministry leader and digital imagery expert.

A Glorious Media purpose driven clothing line, we specialize in biblically inspired casual wear. From neat toddler t-shirts to cozy adult sweatshirts, our line of Christian clothing is sure to keep your spiritual lamp burning as you spread God's word everywhere you go.

How it all started...

We truly feel we are blessed to be a blessing. A Christian purpose driven organization, we approached this venture with an open mind and a loving heart. It all started with a homemade shirt we put together for our daughter Grace which featured a baby blue cross on the front and scripture on the back. We were immediately showered with questions that led to the creation of this website and our opening a store on Cafe Press.

Since our award winning digital imagery production values were excellent, starting a purpose driven apparel printing business made sense. Our clothing print work is handled in a high quality professional lab, using our strict specifications. Our popular inspirational casual wear is produced by established professionals and delivered promptly by priority mail.

The people behind Wear a Verse

Founded by Thrive Through Christ ministry leaders Daniel and Elizabeth St.Pierre, Wear a Verse is comprised of various ministry members scattered throughout the United-States and Canada. Our volunteer models are currently involved in model/stock photography with

Wear a Verse representatives work in collaboration with churches and Christian retail organizations worldwide in an attempt to provide consumers with the best in biblical casual apparel. We are also involved in non-profit promotional endeavors with schools and government offering our products and consulting as part of our ministry.

What people say about us...

"What a terrific concept!"
  Jennifer - Tampa FL

"I never imagined I could be a missionary in my own town! Wow, thank you!"
  Lucie - Boston MA

"We appreciate your kind support of our fundraising efforts for the school!"
  Allan - Tampa FL

"God bless you too! Great idea!"
  Julia - Los Angeles CA

"You are God sent! You have a special gift! Thank you so much!"
  Evelyn - Miami FL

"Truly inspirational! Awesome concept!"
  Mary - Los Angeles CA

"These shirts are so awesome and beautiful... I just can't believe it!"
  Bill - Bradenton FL


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