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Le Club 500 features a user friendly home fitness program custom designed to cater to Christians worldwide. Here are only a few of the numerous testimonials we received over the years:

"Awesome! I can't believe how simple this workout actually is."
 Robert - Los Angeles, CA

"I am positively in the most incredible shape of my life thanks to Le Club 500!"
 George - Baltimore, MD

"So easy a dumb guy like me could do it! Thanks to you guys I lost 15 pounds the first month!"
  Brett - Chicago, IL

"I hate to admit it but I was not honoring God, but now I can proudly say I have been transformed into a godly man! I shed 40 pounds and shrunk back into my size 34 jeans from college. I don't remember how I found your website but thank God every day since. Great job waking me up!"
 Dennis - Grand Rapids, MI

"You guys are a true blessing and really know how to kick start people! Great job! Awesome workout!"
 David - Burlington, VT

"I did it! I lost 20 pounds and love what I see in the mirror! Thanks!"
 Ikam - Daytona Beach, FL

"You rock! Totally aewsome weight loss tools! And best of all, great workout!"
 Michael - Boise, ID

"I lost 42 pounds and 9 inches around my waste. I put on 2 inches on each biceps. Thank you!"
Marc - Montreal, PQ

"Thank you soooooo much! My husband hid this 500 Club from for two weeks me until I caught him working out in the basement. I had noticed his arms getting bigger but wow! He's a changed man! God bless you!"
 Jennifer - Huron, OH

"Sir, yes sir! I am eternally thankful. I'm a former Marine gone astray. Thanks to the 500 Club I am now back to my trim self and able to wear my blues again. Any plans for a 1,000 Club?"
 LT Commander White - Boston, MA

"No Way! How is this possible? Ten pounds and 2 inches less on my waist with this easy workout!"
 Neil - Vancouver, BC

"Yeah Baby Yeah! I'm am now a proud graduate of the 500 Club!"
 Bobby - Seattle, WA

"I am so glad for the 500 Club and the ease of your fitness program. Being a father of three young girls made it impossible to attend the gym. Through the Club I have lost 18 pounds during the first 3 months and am looking forward to a new lifestyle. Thank you."
 Wesley - Gulfport, FL

"I feel amazing! I cannot begin to describe how great I feel and look, thank you so much!"
 Eric - San Francisco, CA

"This is the best way to lose weight ever! I hope everyone that is weight challenged gives this a shot for just one week and sees for themselves how truly phenomenal this program is!"
 Remy - Ottawa, IL

"I can't believe it! I lost 32 pounds without changing a single thing in my diet. I know I can lose more if I watch what I eat but come on... 32 pounds with the 500 Club in 4 months! Unbelievable!"
 Jeffrey - Red Bank, NJ

"I feel GREAT! I feel 20 years younger thanks to YOU guys!"
 Richard - Silverstone, EN

"The 500 Club concept is simply miraculous! So simple a child could do it. Many thanks!"
 Leif - Boulder, CO

"I'm a changed man! My life will never be the same!"
 Jorg - Atlanta, GA

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